Ramble of the day

Author of Ramble of the day – Marsha-Ann

There were a lot of children on the train platform today. I deduced it was “bring your child to work day,” yeah I’m a genius like that. My eyes met with one cutie with big puffy plaits. We smiled at each other. I think we had a hair connect. Perhaps I’m her curly fro future as she is my puffy-sectioned-plaits past. We know what’s up.

By the time lunch came around and I did a quick run to the NatGeo cafeteria for some Japanese fried chicken, fried rice, sesame green beans, and bok choi with mushrooms and onions, I had a different deduction. Could it also be bring your old person to work day too? A bunch of white-haired honorables were pushing strollers and wrangling picky eaters, many of whom were about to discover that the cafeteria’s strength is not their pizza. Unlike those poor tiny suckers, I was quite satisfied with my delicious choices.

But never mind my food satisfaction, I have an old person too! No one told me I could have brought my mom! She could have done all my work while I leveled up in Candy Crush – damnit! Life is filled with so many missed opportunities….to take advantage of the elderly. My bad.

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